John's Music Appreciation 101

In addition to taking care of business, John produces and mixes our music, creates arrangements, and provides all the great and diverse percussion on our CDs.  John serves as our musicologist drawing on his college music studies at North Texas State University and Berklee College of Music and in his personal studies of music which never cease.  John has taught percussion through the years, but his latest mission is to help parents grow in music with their children.


The Facebook Page Music Appreciation 101 helps adults and teens grow in Music Appreciation in only a few minutes a day!  5-6 times a week, a very short lesson is presented to help us grow in knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the music of our world.  Each month a different composer, genre, or culture of music is explored systematically so that a meaningful level of content can be digested, while offering a diverse curriculum.

Come, jump in any time!

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