The Tar is a simple and ancient frame drum.  A round frame, usually made of wood, is fitted with a drum head, usually made from an animal skin.  The Oud is a guitar-like instrument typically with eleven strings.  It does not have frets on the neck like a guitar.  Frets are the ridges on the neck of the guitar that help a player find the notes.  The oud is recognizable by the deep, round, pear-shaped body and bent neck.  Both the Tar and Oud are used throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa.


Video Lesson – Playing the Tar




Listening Activity

This is the Oud playing Moroccan Melody.     Can you tell which instrument is the Oud from the way it sounds?  Why?  Does the Oud remind you of any other instruments you know?


This is the Tar playing Moroccan Melody.     Can you tell which instrument on your coloring page is the the Tar?  What kind of instrument is it?  Is the musician using sticks or his hands to make the music?


This is the Tar and Oud together with the singer (or vocalist) and other percussion instruments playing Moroccan Melody.     Can you hear the oud?  Can you hear the tar?



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