Folk Music Focus

Music of the Andes

In South America, the people who live in the Andes mountains have their own culture, traditional clothing, food, and music!  You can tell a song is from the Andes when you hear the beautiful flute music.  There are many kinds of flutes in the Andes.  Some look like a recorder, like the tarkas the boys are playing.  Some look like panflutes (many tubes tied together) like the siku the man in the middle of the big group is holding.  What other instruments do they play in the Andes?  Can you tell from the picture?

Here is a traditional Andean music group playing in Ecuador.  Can you find the tarka?

This man is showing us how to play the panpipes!

Here are some school children from the Andes mountains singing a song together!

This slide show shows us the culture and people of the Andes.  Look at the detailed, colorful clothing many of the people wear.  Can you spot some musicians with traditional instruments?  Can you find some traditional dancers? Aren't their costumes amazing?