Folk Music Focus


In Africa, its very common to sing songs and dance together in groups.  Different kinds of instruments are used in different parts of  Africa.  All parts of Africa use different kinds of drums.

The song Ee Namaye from the Ordinary Time Winter curriculum is a fun dancing game used in the schools of Uganda.  Sr. Jacinta, Sr. Dorothy and Fr. Avitus from Uganda (see map) shared this song with us.   Singing and dancing are important parts of school life and community life in many African countries.  The priests and sisters in Uganda run very important schools because there are many children who are orphans.  These children rely on the schools to take care of them.

Note to parents:  Because of many similarities we are focusing on general African music south of the Sahara.  Traditional Northern African Music is more in sync with the Middle East.  Contemporary African music often features typical modern instruments or a fusion of traditional instruments from throughout Africa with modern instruments.