Little Angels - A Simple and Flexible Way to Use MMP2 in Your Parish

Our Little Angels Kit gives you the tools to run a program for up to 10 families.  You can add on in easy increments of 5 or 10.  

Each family will have a CD to take home for the season, and the teacher/leader is equipped with an extensive instruction manual with lots of options and flexibility. There is information to help a beginner as well as more detail for an experienced music teacher.  Little Angels teachers are not required to hold any specific certifications or attend any training.

You can pick and choose the equipment convenient and affordable to you using guidance from the manual, or even put together guided classes with simple singing and dancing.  Little Angels is a tools for you, affording you flexibility with the benefits of our well-designed curriculum to help you enrich any group for young children, ages 0-5.  This is a great opportunity to offer activities for younger siblings, extend your music program, add to your Religious Ed, Baptism prep, and so much more.